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2013 HOn3 Annual
2013 HOn3 Annual
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2013 HOn3 Annual

Backdating the Blackstone C-19

The release of the Blackstone Models C-19 and the 2012 HOn3 Annual article on the history of these early steamers inspired Mike Conder and J.C. Zuolaga to backdate their two models to turn-of-the-century freight haulers. With the planned second run of Blackstone C-19s coming soon, this detailed how-to article couldn't be more timely.

2013 HOn3 Annual

Rio Grande Southen: Mear's Madness

The Rio Grande Southern was an improbable railroad lasting much later than its route and finances should have allowed, endearing it to modelers the world over. Jeff Reynolds shares his version of the RGS on a layout he calls "Mear's Madness." This is one of three great layout tours featured in the 2013 HOn3 Annual.

2013 HOn3 Annual

Modeling the Mikado

Available now as a laser-cut kit, the "Mikado" was a turn-of-the-century bar and bordello on the infamous Blair Street in Silverton, Colorado. Author L. Todd Leftwich shows you how he added a complete interior to the kit, including lighting and finishing the exterior. This is one of several structure articles featured in the 2013 HOn3 Annual to help you develop your HOn3 real estate.

2013 HOn3 Annual

Down at the Depot

Who doesn't like railroad depots? The 2013 HOn3 Annual features three great articles on railroad passenger stations. Modeler Brian Budeit builds the Tuscarora Valley Railroad’s East Waterford and Esh's depots. This article is loaded with prototype information including photos of both depots from this central Pennsylvania narrow gauge short line. Also, Bob Bennett builds his take on the D&RGW depot that was located in Allison, Colorado. Both articles feature a complete set of HO scale plans you can build from.

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8 Allison, More or Less
My Aim is True... with drawings by Bob Bennett

12 Module Legs for the Near Sighted Narrow Gaugers Club
Now these guys DO have a leg to stand on... by Dwight Roinestad

15 Bridging the Gap
The prototype holds the key to better models... by Duane Richardson

20 Signage For Structures
How to find, make and apply signs... by John Dowling

24 Rocky Mountain Timber & Ore Railroad
This layout was made to move... And it did! by Stephen Spear

34 Operations on the Near Sighted Narrow Gaugers
The Free-mo based NSNG Club... by Duncan Harvey

38 Guidinger Hill Ball Signal
A working ball signal for the Bear Lodge Central... by Vic Worthington

41 Gilpin Tram Co.
Ore cars to Central City and Blackhawk... by John Niemeyer

44 Evolution of the Unplanned Model Railroad
Meandering my way to an HOn3 lumber line... by Linn Moedinger

50 Swandale Engine Shed
From the Elk River Coal & Lumber Co... by Larry Smith

54 Tail of Two Pretties
Converting C-19s to turn-of-the-century Class 70's... by J.C. Zuolaga & Mike Conder

64 The Engle Canyon Railway
Light and portable take on the Inglenook Puzzle... by George B. Riley

73 Build A DCC Sound Boxcar
DCC and sound in a Blackstone House Car... by Ray Hoppes

84 Two Stations on the Tuscarora Valley
The prototypes still exist. With drawings by Brian Budeit

78 Creative DIY Plastic Casting
An unexpected side track... by Ross Ames

91 West Side’s Sand, Oil & Water Facility
Modeling from the Tuolumne prototype... by Patricia & Burton Maxwell

94 Mears Madness-Lost in the San Juans
One man's passion for the RGS turns into a club... by Jeff Reynolds

104 The Mikado
Building an infamous structure from Silverton’s Blair Street... by L. Todd Leftwich

107 Turning Styrene Into Wood
Texture and color turn the trick... by Bob Brendle

108 Building the EBT's "Company Square"
Classic structures from Robertsdale, Pa... by Russel Norris

110 HOn3 Product Spotlight
New Releases for 2013... by HOn3 Annual Staff