April 2008

April 2008
April 2008
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46 Switching loads by Vince Pugliese A pre-built switch resting on its side in a gondola makes for a very interesting load.

60 EMD-designed diesel shops by Preston Cook In the conversion from steam to diesel power, EMD helped railroads by designing maintenance facilities that could handle the new locomotives’ needs.

86 Using the National Archives as a modeling resource: Pt. II by David G. Lambert This month we wrap up our two-part look at using the National Archives to research railroad history.


48 RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award: Modeling a C&NW Alco slug set by Dennis Eggert Last month we modeled a C&NW Alco C-425. This month we turn our attention to the slugs that went with them.

54 Prototype weathering on a CR covered hopper: Pt. II by Mike Rose Modeling a heavily-weathered car can present some challenges.

67 Rusting barrel and tank bands by Harold Minkwitz Here is how you can model metal bands using photos of rust, a computer and a color printer.

78 Scratchbuilding River Fish Filet by Sam Swanson The prototype for this colorful roadside market was immortalized in a 1930’s photograph by Walker Evans.

84 The HOn30 Euslis Railroad by James A. Foster Despite its name, this 2′×4′ module can be used in a variety of ways.

94 Essential Freight Cars: 41. Fifty-foot single-sheathed boxcars by Ted Culotta The 1920’s saw the introduction and acceptance of the 50-foot singlesheathed, general-purpose boxcar, primarily by Western roads which used it for hauling lumber and bulky manufactured goods.


69 The High Hoods: Alco’s early diesel switchers by Ken Goslett; with scale drawings by Chuck Yungkurth The success of these pioneer locomotives brought big changes to railroading.