February 2008

February 2008
February 2008
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46 York: Preserving the past by Robert D. Turner The National Railway Museum in York, England, does a great job of preserving the past and putting it on display for all to see.

48 IC’s Springfield Division: An alternate reality by Stephen Swetland with John Evans Here’s a different type of layout story. We are going for a ride-along with author Stephen Swetland, who in real life is a policeman. So, climb in the patrol car. There’s plenty of railroad action to see.


55 RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award: Kitbashing a logging industry critter by Bob Whetham The prototype for this interesting model was kitbashed. Built from a former Canadian Pacific tender, Crestbrook Timber’s No. 003 has to be one of the strangest diesel locomotives ever built.

59 Modeling farm buildings by Gerry Leone Inspired by the farm his wife grew up on, the author shows how he modeled a typical upper-Midwestern farm. Included are a barn, silo, chicken coop and rows of crops.

72 Scratchbuilder’s corner: Photo-modeling by Bob Walker A good camera, a decent printer and quality paper can become model making tools.

74 Building a grade setting gadget by David Wiggs Calculating grades is easy with the help of this simple-to-build tool.

77 Modeling those green M&St.L boxcars by Clark Propst The Minneapolis & St. Louis owned 700 40-foot AAR 1944 design boxcars. It takes just a little bit of kitbashing to model them.

81 Creating a paint scheme for a freelanced railroad by Don Spiro A close examination of the prototype railroads that inspired the author’s modeling led to the designing of a very believable freelanced paint scheme for the Port Richmond’s locomotive feet.

89 A look ahead: The upcoming 23rd Annual Sn3 Symposium by Tom Troughton Here’s a sneak peak at some of the narrow gauge layouts that will be on the Symposium’s layout tour.

93 Kitbashing techniques: building an NS exhibition car by M.R. Snell This kitbashing project features a variety of modeling techniques that every modeler should know.