February 2009

February 2009
February 2009
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Special features 48 Perspective: Germany’s Harz Ry. by Robert D. Turner A fleet of 17 well kept, narrow gauge 2-10-2T’s can still be seen hauling trains in the mountains of central Germany.

59 Frank Czubryt’s Denver Union Terminal R.R. by Howard Neuschaefer The time machine is set to 1980, the location is Denver, and second generation diesels of the still independent D&RGW, BN, Santa Fe, UP and Southern Pacific railroads are busy moving tonnage.

100 Modeling an O. WInston Link photograph by Otto Vondrak Link’s classic night shot of a train passing a drive-in theatre, “Hot Shot Eastbound, Iaeger, West Virginia, 1956,” is modeled in HO scale as part of a museum display. Modeling

50 A tale of two RS-3m’s by M. R. Snell In the early 1970’s, the cash strapped Penn Central Railroad began a program of repowering its aging RS-3’s with prime movers taken from retired E-units. The resulting units had a unique look.

64 Cobleskill Coal Co. by Dominic Bourgeois Retail coal distributors were once common throughout North America. This one, located in upstate New York, makes a great modeling subject.

72 Scratchbuilder’s Corner: Windows by Bob Walker Scratchbuilt windows are easy to make.

80 Model diesel facility details by George Riley Here is a look at some of the commercial kits and detail parts that can be used in modeling a diesel shop.

82 Establishing a locomotive identity by Bob Bennett By making some subtle changes to his fleet of steam engines, the author was able to develop an identity for his freelanced railroad.

87 RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award: A freelance narrow gauge excursion car by Steve and Jim Hauff This HOn3 model was inspired by a Huntsville & Lake of Bays car.

90 Essential Freight Cars: 44, Union Pacific’s ACR boxcars by Ted Culotta Between 1938 and 1953, the Union Pacific took delivery of over 14,000 “alternate center rivet” boxcars.

Prototype 74 The Erie Railroad’s Marion diesel shop: Part II by Preston Cook This month we’ll examine the changes that came to the Erie’s Marion, Ohio, diesel shops once the diesel invasion hit in full force.