February 2012

February 2012
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February 2012
Vol. 117 No. 2/854

18 Yard Stik
by Tom Binkley
A fun model that really measures up

30 ParkZone ICON A5 by Frank Fanelli
An FM Product Review: At home on land or water

38 Hansa-Brandenburg CC by Tom Sandor
A freeflight electric of an early flying boat

44 Sliced Wing Ribs by Scott Copeland
A simple and fast assembly of scale wing ribs

48 Favorite Workshop Tools by Frank Fanelli
Right tools makes our hobby even more enjoyable

52 Retro RC News Flash by Jim Wiggin
An FM Product Review: Some things never change, they get better

64 ParkZone F4U Corsair by Jim Wiggin
An FM Product Review: Keeping the micro Zeros at bay

26 EDF at the 2011 Arizona Jet Rally

Fan Facts by Greg Moore

28 A trip down memory lane
Vintage Views by Bob Noll

34 Things keep changing in Combat
C/L Combat by Phil Cartier

36 Enjoying the fruits of our labor
Small Talk by Pat Tritle

50 More news from the workshop
Cross Files by Don Ross

56 New items from the JR Indoor Electric Event
Electric Flight by Don Belfort

58 Looking ahead to the 2012 FAC contest season
F/F Sport by Larry Kruse

62 A look at a new engine and new tools
C/L Stunt by Allen Brickhaus