February 2012

February 2012
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February 2012
Volume 80, Number 9

Special features
38 Perspective: Modern day steam
by John Iliffe
Although their numbers are dwindling, old American steam locomotives are still being used in Cuba.

40 Thomasburg travelogue by Dave Rickaby and Tom Burg
Come along for a tour of Tom Burg’s O scale railroad. Set in 1955, small center cab switchers handle the chores on this industrial line.

46 Building a sandblasting booth by Jack Burgess
Here is how you can turn a large plastic storage box into a relatively inexpensive sandblasting booth.

48 RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award: Kitbashing a Pennsy “Betterment sleeper”
by Bob Chapman
In the 1930’s Pullman rebuilt many of its old heavyweight cars, giving them air conditioning and a more modern, streamlined look. This month’s award winner is based on one of these cars.

54 Scratchbuilder’s Corner: A little philosophy by Bob Walker
Like so many other things, it doesn’t take a lot of skill to get started in the hobby. The skills develop with experience.

56 The Scenery Clinic: Pt. XX: Winter trees and details on an industrial siding by Paul Scoles with Walt Appel
This month the authors explain how to use sagebrush to model winter trees.

59 Painting and detailing an N scale GP30 for the CB&Q by Jim Wiggin
No matter what scale you model in, this article provides some great advice for achieving a good-looking finish on your locomotives.

66 Building the Timberline Miner’s Union Hotel by Tom Troughton
Set in a western mining town, this well weathered, scratchbuilt S scale hotel features a stone foundation and wood siding.

72 Trains and tractors: The J.I. Case plant in Racine, Wisconsin
by Keith M. Kohlmann
Join us for a look at how railroads served a large tractor manufacturing plant.