February 2013

February 2013
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February 2013
Vol. 118 No. 2/866

18 Flyer’s Dream
by Laddie Mikulasko
An odd looking float plane that is a dream to fly

26 Skymaster’s Midwest Regional Float Fly by Greg Cardillo

22 years and going strong in the midwest

32 Poly-Wog by Bill Warner
Step up a notch with this simple but able freeflight

40 Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver by Frank Fanelii
An FM Product Review: A versatile and fun RTF bush plane

50 Ambrosini 207 by Chuck Felton
The master of cardboard is back with a WWII Italian fighter

24 Doug Moon’s Riff Raff and graphic hints

C/L Stunt by Allen Brickhaus

36 Practice makes perfect
C/L Combat by Phil Cartier

38 Setting up a Pattern ship with nitro
Project Pattern Redux by Dave Lockhart with Brian Clemmons

46 Arizona Jet Rally in Mesa
Fan Facts by Greg Moore

48 Freeflight to micro R/C conversions
Small Talk by Pat Tritle

56 Some reader projects, plus WESTFAC news
F/F Sport by Larry Kruse

58 JR Indoor Electric Festival
Electric Flight by Don Belfort

60 Remembering scale at the Rhinebeck Jamboree
Vintage Views by Bob Noll