February 2013

February 2013
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Railfan & Railroad - February 2013

RAILFAN VOL. 32 No. 2/RAILROAD vol. 134 no. 11

28 Grand Centennial/Emily Moser
As Grand Central Terminal celebrates 100 years, we take a closer look at what makes it the most famous train station in the world. One time the cornerstone of the New York Central’s empire, Grand Central’s “city within a city” hosts hundreds of trains daily while adapting to the changing tastes of the new century.

38 The Meteoric Rise of Metro-North/Otto M. Vondrak
Since rebuilding a railroad that inherited decades of neglect, today’s MTA Metro-North Railroad is a true New York success story. An aggressive program to improve and expand service has transformed the railroad from a mere rush hour commuter line to an integral part of the region’s transportation system.