February 2014

February 2014
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12 In Focus: NJT PCC Finale/Otto M. Vondrak
After more than a decade in storage, the last of Newark's venerable PCC trolley fleet has been dispersed to museums around the country.

28 SoCal 1984/Bruce Kelly
Coming of age in 1980s Southern California meant taking your pick from Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, Union Pacific, and Amtrak action.

36 Commuter Life/Emily Moser
In the wake of a tragic and deadly accident on one of America's busiest commuter railroads, how do you get back to normal?

42 BL2 in Review/Stan Trzoniec
Love 'em or hate 'em, the BL2 was an important step in first-generation diesel locomotive design and marketing for EMD.

58 DIGITAL EXTRA: Drive South/Steve Barry
A long drive from New Jersey to Florida is not so bad when you get to check in on a few interesting rail operations along the way.