J-3 Kitten

J-3 Kitten
Item# CD449

About this item

Designer: Pat Tritle

Wing Span: 28"

Motor: Brushless motor and electronic brick from Horizon Beast 3D moedel

Issue: 12/2012

Remarks: J-3 Kitten Designed by Hippís Superbirds in the mid 1980ís, the J-3 Kitten is a high wing, single-place ultralight model airplane that harkens back to the Golden Age of civil aviation. Patís micro version is faithful to the fullscale thanks to the stick type construction. Both guidance and power are from a salvaged Horizon Hobby Beast, giving the model plenty of power to be flown both indoors and out. All balsa construction, 28-inch wingspan, weighs 57 grams ready to fly. Plan on one sheet.