January 2012

January 2012
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January 2012
Vol. 117 No. 1/853

18 Macchi M.C. 202
by Dan Reiss
Try this cure for the common WWII fighter planes

28 2011 NEAT Fair by Jim Wiggin
One of the largest electric R/C events is back at Peaceful Valley

38 Building a Better Catapult Glider by Jonathan Nunez
Getting even more performance from the A2Z Sting 18 gliders

46 Parkzone Spitfire Mk. IX by Jim Wiggin
An FM Product Review: scale fidelity in small form

52 Mew Gull by Chuck Felton
Here’s the master of cardboard who returns with a famous racer

64 ElectriFly Mister Mulligan by Jim Vigani
An FM Product Review: Golden era racing in a pint size

24 Must-have tools for the Stunt pilot

C/L Stunt by Allen Brickhaus

26 The ins and outs of wiring
R/C Aerobatics by Dave Lockhart

36 A night at the museum
Fan Facts by Greg Moore

42 Micro flying at NEAT
Electric Flight by Stew Meyers

44 What was old is new again
F/F Sport by Larry Kruse

50 Having a plan for 2012
Small Talk by Pat Tritle

58 More news from the workshop
Cross Files by Don Ross

62 Report on the SAM Champs in Nevada
Old Timer Topics by Mike Myers