January 2013

January 2013
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Railfan & Railroad - January 2013

RAILFAN VOL. 32 No. 1/RAILROAD vol. 134 no. 10

6 In Focus: Steamy Nights at New Hope/Steve Barry
A plethora of new steam-powered night time holiday themed trains create new opportunities for railfan photographers.

28 Insull’s Interurban Legacy 1: The North Shore
The Last Days/
John Gruber
On the fiftieth anniversary of its demise, we take a fond look back at the final days of one of the cornerstones of Insull’s interurban empire.

36 Insull’s Interurban Legacy 2: The South Shore
Operations Today/
John Means and Ryan Kertis
Commuters are just half of the story on the modern South Shore Line, as freight business continues to grow in this busy corridor.

44 A Utah Slow Speed Chase/Doug Harrop
Follow the friendly competition between Utah Railway and Rio Grande crews as they “race” their respective trains over Soldier Summit in 1978.