July 2012

July 2012
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July 2012
Vol. 117 No. 7/859

18 Cessna 170
by Pat Tritle
Here’s one of Cessna’s classics for 3-channel R/C

30 BP Hobbies Pitts 12 EP by Frank Granelli
An FM Product Review: Take your pick, 3D or stunning aerobatics

36 Baby Biwinger by Daniel Walton
An FM Centerfold Plan: It’s your choice, freeflight or R/C

44 VSC 2012 by Brian Malin
For 23 years the Stunt crowd has celebrated this festival of C/L

52 Flyzone’s Fokker Dr.1 Triplane by Jim Wiggin
An FM Product Review: the Red Baron’s steed for indoor R/C

26 Is SAM R/C “garden hackle”?

Old Timer Topics by Mike Myers

28 Great scale models require “elbow grease”
F/F Sport by Larry Kruse

34 Some of the Cadillacs among EDF fans
Fan Facts by Greg Moore

50 Notes about the Flyzone Albatros and other things
Electric Flight by Stew Meyers

54 Contra rotating props and the best motor choices
Project Pattern Redux by Dave Lockhart

56 Details about a bevy of VSC planes
C/L Stunt by Allen Brickhaus

58 A showcase of great models
Small Talk by Pat Tritle