June 2001

June 2001
June 2001
Item# FM-B0601

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The Sweet Patootie by Jim Longstreth

Flounder by Ivan Munninghoff

Bruce Tharpe Engineering’s Delta Vortex by Tom Dagostino

Making Composite Landing Gear by Windy Urtnowski

3 in 1 Wing: FMA Direct’s Razors by Rich Loud

Habicht for Texaco by Van Hereford

Don’t Trash It! Repair It! by Henry Haffke

The Vultee Vengeance by Jim Newman

Whatever happened to the Scientific Varsity by Randy Randolph

It’s time for the Spring tune-up by Phil Cartier

Sure, and did ye hear of Leprechaun Aerobatics by Allen Brickhaus

Easy decals, scale plans, and Monogram magic by Larry Kruse

Use a different mind-set in the judge’s chair by Dean Pappas

Notes from the workshop by Don Ross

Turbines and ICDFs, as well as How-to #12 by Ivan Munninghoff

B-36 parkflyer update, an e-party, plus watts new by Don Belfort

Roots: the genesis of MAN and Air Trails magazines by Jim Alaback