K.I.S.S. Phase II

K.I.S.S. Phase II
Item# CD458

About this item

Designer: Daniel Walton

Wing Span: 45 inches

Motor: .049-.09 two-stroke

Issue: FM 08-2013

Remarks: CD458 A follow up project based on Daniel Walton’s K.I.S.S. construction article as featured in the April 2009 FM issue, the K.I.S.S. Phase II incorporates a full bodied fuselage and the option for a small 1/2A size glow engine. Model spans 45 inches, weighs 18.6 ounces ready to fly and requires a four-channel radio with three micro servos and a .049-.09 two-stroke engine. You must purchase plan number CD366 to build the K.I.S.S. Phase II. Plan on one sheet.