Leaf Blower

Leaf Blower
Item# CD451

About this item

Designer: Dick Sarpolus

Wing Span: 39 inches

Motor: ELE 70mm fan and motor unit (EDF version) or 2212-13 Outrunner (Prop version)

Issue: 1/2013

Remarks: Here are two models for the price of one! The Leaf Blower can be built as a deHavilland looking early jet with a standard brushless motor and prop or a sleek, modern sport jet with a 70mm fan unit. Either model builds up fast and easy. Models use pre-cut foam wing cores available through the Core House (article has details) while the rest of the model is built of sheet foam, balsa and plywood. Build both to have a pair of fun sport models for your new flying season. 39-inch wingspan, weighs 21 ounces ready to fly. Plan on one sheet.