March 2001

March 2001
March 2001
Item# FM-B0301

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Texas Hurricane by Andre Pasquarelli

Electrified Aqua Star by Nick Ziroli, Sr.

Profile Polen Special by Dave Linstrum

Senior 29 by Bill Schmidt and D.B. Mathews

Tournament of Champions XVII by Paul Kopp

CR Aircraft Fun-1 by Dave Garwood

Jimmy Allen Postal Champs, Bill Brown, and Giant Rubber by Jim Alaback

Notes from the workshop by Don Ross

Retracts for the Kyosho Learjet, plus some scale ideas by Ivan Munninghoff

Talk about Ni-MH batteries, and Take Off 2000 motors by Dick Miller

Attaching windshields, another dethermalizer, & F/F gearing by Larry Kruse

Becoming a better judge, and the point of view problem by Dean Pappas

The right oil for your engine, plus covering combat models by Larry Driskill

The basic flight pattern, and contest guidelines by Allen Brickhaus

Lots of project ideas, dot com interests and a personal note by Randy Randolph

The Miles Gemini by Jim Newman