March 2009

March 2009
March 2009
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Vol. 114 No. 03/819

16 B-58 Hustler by Keith Sparks
Incredible scale R/C version of the Mach 2+ bomber for e-power

30 E-flite’s F-15 Eagle by Greg Moore
An FM Product Review: Nicely sized R/C ducted fan foam jet

34 Foam Plate Catapult Gliders by Peter Kaiteris
Who knew foam plates could be so much fun?

44 Top Hat by Tom Niebuhr
Super sharp C/L Stunter with Golden Age styling

56 ¹⁄₂A Multi Engine Profile Scale by Ken Gulliford
Good things come in twos, threes, even fours!

66 Simple Pitch Gage by Paul McIlrath
Easy to build device for...well...measuring pitch


26 Analyzing the “honest” airplane
R/C Pattern by Dean Pappas

28 Some great rubber and gas powered oldies
Old Timer by Mike Myers

40 Micro fuses, timers and tiny flyers
Electric Flight by Stew Meyers

42 A plethora of reader submitted models
Small Talk by Pat Tritle

50 More news from the workshop
Cross Files by Don Ross

52 A look at what’s out there in the EDF world
Fan Facts by Greg Moore

54 Fantasies of flight and some cool products
F/F Sport by Larry Kruse

60 Stewart 265
A View From Here by Jim Newman

62 Trimming a precision Stunt model
C/L Stunt by Allen Brickhaus