May 2011

May 2011
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May 2011
RAILFAN VOL. 30 No. 5/RAILROAD vol. 133 no. 2

This Month’s Features
26 Southern Hospitality
by George Hamlin
A first look at the “real” Southern Crescent in 1977

28 Rio Grande Zephyr by Rich Loveman and Mel Patrick
Perhaps the best train riding experience available post-Amtrak

30 The Georgia Mixeds by Martin O'Toole
From “Super Mixeds” to an all-stops local.

32 Amtrak California by Elrond Lawrence
State-supported Amtrak trains prosper in the Golden State

36 The Northeast Corridor by Brian Solomon
Amtrak’s heritage high speed line is also its busiest

42 Along the Line 2010
The year in photos from our readers.