2012 HOn3 Annual

2012 HOn3 Annual
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Now in its fourth year, the 2012 HOn3 Annual from Carstens Publications is packed with 116 pages dedicated to great HO narrow gauge model railroading! This issue includes a special 12-page photo tour of the legendary HOn3 Union Central & Northern of "Up Clear Creek on the Narrow Gauge" fame in its new location, and an interview with its creator Harry Brunk. Don't get left at the station!


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8 Foreground Cottonwood Trees
Don't "leaf" these off your layout... by Rick Huntrods

11 Modeling a C&S Caboose
Building an iconic bobber from an iconic kit by Bob Bennett

14 Sept. 1957 - Chasing the Gold Train
An HOn3 railfan trip to Ridgway as might have been reported by Bill Moedinger

24 The Saratoga Mine
The quest and assembly of a classic kit by Kevin M. Kuzman

27 Scratchbuilding D&RGW 34' Flatcars
The first version of the 6200 Series with drawings by Jim Vail

31 Ring My Bell
The animanic from Down-Under strikes again by Laurie McLean

34 Lessons of a Portable HOn3 Layout
Colorado's near-sighted narrow gaugers by Duncan Harvey & Dwight Roinestad

40 Repainting Old Rolling Stock
New life and new paint for old cars by Sam Swanson

45 South American Shovelnoses
Narrow gauge diesels are more common than you think by Beat Jäggi

50 The Union Central & Northern Finds a New Home
You can visit Harry Brunk's awesome HOn3 layout by Chris Lane & Harry Brunk

62 The President's Inspection Car
Cute lil' critters by Patricia & Burton Maxwell

67 Laying Iron on the PC&N
A how-to on track and turnouts by Ross L. Ames

74 A New Look For Old Kettles
Development of the D&RG's 2-8-0s by Jeff Johnson

78 Build a Lightweight Free-Mo Module
Detailed instructions for an HOn3 module by Mike Conder

84 Build An Operating Switchstand
11 Simple steps for bending the iron by Duane Richardson

85 What Roof Style Do I Want to Use?
Methods for using wood, paper and metal by Ed Prime

88 Modeling Billmeyer & Smalls
History and modeling an early eastern car builder by Brian Budeit

95 Building A Mine Hoist
Tips, techniques and tricks with white metal kits by L. Todd Leftwich

100 Details Make the Difference
It's the little things by Duane Richardson

106 Derailment-Proof HOn3 Turnouts
A how-to using the Fast Tracks tools by Rick Huntrods

110 HOn3 Product Spotlight
New Releases for 2012 by HOn3 Annual Staff