See how it all began! Get an original copy of the first issue of Railfan Magazine! ONLY 5 AVAILABLE!

Railfan Magazine No. 1 - Winter 1974
Railfan Magazine No. 1 - Winter 1974
Item# Z-RF01

About this item

The ultimate back issue... Vol. 1, No. 1 of Railfan Magazine! Produced on a dare, editor Jim Boyd was tasked with creating a new railroad enthusiast magazine written from the fan's perspective. While we were performing our once-a-century office cleanup, we found a few "lost" copies of the first issue in Hal's Closet. Now we're sharing them with you.

Between reorganizing the warehouse, and straightening Hal's office, the folks at Carstens are starting to feel like Indiana Jones, recovering rare and valuable treasure. First we found the long gone "This Train is Bound for Glory" boxcars. Then we discovered the original recordings (currently being remastered in digital). And now this: Copies of the Volume 1, Number 1 Railfan Magazine!

Lost at Carstens for all this time, these issues are not time-capsule mint, but are in good to very good condition and they can be yours for the first time in over a quarter of a century. Own a piece of publishing history, and get yours today. These collector issues will be gone in a flash, and when they are, there will be no more.