Flying Models - September 2008

September 2008
September 2008
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September 2008

Vol. 113 No. 09/813

20 Poncelet Vivette by Van Hereford
Elegant vintage design for ¹⁄₂A Texaco Scale

30 Planes of WRAM and Toledo by FM Staff
Check out what some of the best designers and builders have to offer

40 El Quinto by Pat Tritle
A fine F/F model for the expert and the beginner

48 Westland Wyvern by David Wigley
In Detail: A closer look at this stunning scale warbird

62 Prop Carving by Don DeLoach
Learn how to produce your own custom F/F props

72 Brodak’s Strega by Bob Zambelli
An FM Product Review: Legendary C/L Stunt ship in ARF form

26 The Curtiss Jenny and the Standard J-1
Small Talk by Pat Tritle

28 Remembering the contributions of Lin Reichel
F/F Sport by Larry Kruse

38 The North American BT-9
A View From Here by Jim Newman

46 Ducted fans and foam...a great combo
Fan Facts by Greg Moore

52 All things tiny for indoor flying
Electric Flight by Stew Meyers

54 Bob Hunt likes foam...a lot
C/L Stunt by Allen Brickhaus

56 More news from the workshop
Cross Files by Don Ross

66 E-flite’s F-15 Eagle edf
FYI by FM Staff

68 The nitty gritty of Pattern
R/C Pattern by Dean Pappas

70 The return of compressed air power
Old Timer Topics by Mike Myers