New and updated second edition!

Slim Gauge Cars, Second Edition - Edited by Chris Lane
Slim Gauge Cars, Second Edition - Edited by Chris Lane
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Our latest narrow gauge planbook
was well worth the wait!

We delayed shipping to add even more new drawings, photos and information, and boy are we glad we did! Slim Gauge Cars, Second Edition packed with detailed photos and plans for narrow gauge freight, passenger and work cars from Maine to California (Alaska and Hawaii, too)! Edited by Chris Lane, the editor of our popular On30 Annual and HOn3 Annual, you won’t want to miss this new definitive reference book from Carstens Publications!

Colorado & Southern refrigerated boxcar

Completely revised and updated!

Expanded to 130 pages, Slim Gauge Cars, Second Edition contains thoroughly researched photos and plans for more than 70 different pieces of equipment. Each piece of equipment was measured and drawn exclusively for this project, with the latest up to date information available. Perfect for scratchbuilders and researchers alike, this is the definitive reference book to add to your collection.

Colorado & Southern refrigerated boxcar

Not just Colorado! Railroads covered include...

Bellevue & Cascade; Boston Revere Beach & Lynn; Cairo & Kanawha; Carson & Colorado; Colorado & Southern; Conoco (CONX); Denver & Intermountain; Denver, & Rio Grande Western; Denver, South Park & Pacific; East Broad Top; East Tennessee & Western North Carolina; Florence & Cripple Creek; Oahu Railway; Rio Grande Southern; Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes; Southern Pacific; Sumpter Valley Ry.; Tionesta Valley Railway; Union Tank Car Co. (UTLX); Victor Gold Mining Co.; Wiscasett Waterville & Farmington; West Side Lumber Co.; White Pass & Yukon... From coast to coast, and everywhere in between!

Colorado & Southern refrigerated boxcar

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Enjoy the diverse collection of rolling stock from coast to coast, including boxcars, reefers, stock cars, tank cars, flat cars, ore cars, gondolas, hoppers, cabooses, passenger coaches, parlor cars, observation cars, mail and baggage cars, flangers, snow plows, and more. Each scale drawing contained inside features a level of detail never seen before! It took a little longer than we would have liked, but we think you'll agree, it was well worth the wait! Order your copy of Slim Gauge Cars, Second Edition today!

East Broad Top Passenger Coach

Slim Gauge Cars, Second Edition - Table of Contents

  • An Introduction to the Slim Gauges, p2

  • Where to See Preserved Slim Gauge Cars, p5

  • East Broad Top Boxcar, p6

  • Southern Pacific 10 Ton Boxcar No. 5, p7

  • Cairo & Kanawha Boxcar, p11

  • Southern Pacific Perlite Boxcar No. 72, p13

  • Southern Pacific Boxcar No. 132, p14

  • Southern Pacific Boxcar No. 74, p15

  • Florence & Cripple Creek Boxcar, p16

  • East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Boxcar, p17

  • Sandy River 28’ Boxcar No. 68, p19

  • Sandy River Freight Car- Photos, p20

  • Oahu Railway Can Car No. 329, p22

  • Denver & Intermountain Hopper, p23

  • Victor Gold Mining Company Ore Car, p24

  • Southern Pacific Low Side Gondola No. 258, p25

  • Rio Grande Drop Bottom Gondola, p26

  • East Broad Top 3-Bay Hopper Car, p28

  • East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Hopper, p30

  • Southern Pacific A-Frame Gondola No. 339, p32

  • Southern Pacific Stock Car No. 66, p34

  • Southern Pacific Stock Car 154, p35

  • Southern Pacific Open Top Stock Car No. 218, p37

  • Southern Pacific Stock Car 174, p38

  • Bellevue & Cascade Stock Cars, p39

  • Rio Grande Stock Car No. 5500, p40

  • Rio Grande Stock Cars, p41

  • Southern Pacific Tank Car No. 353, p48

  • UTLX Van Dyke Tank Car, p49

  • UTLX Narrow Frame Tank Car, p50

  • CONX Tank Car No. 8, p51

  • Rio Grande Idler Flats, p52

  • Sandy River Flat Car, p57

  • Southern Pacific Flat Car No. 259, p58

  • Rio Grande 6500 Series Flat Car, p59

  • Rio Grande Rotary Snow Plow OM, p60

  • Rio Grande Tender OM, p68

  • Rio Grande Auxiliary Water Car No. 0471, p72

  • Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Flanger No. 502, p74

  • Rio Grande Water Car W462, p76

  • D&RGW Short Reefer No. 55, p79

  • C&S 30' Reefer No. 1103, p80

  • Wiscasett Waterville & Farmington Reefer No. 65, p81

  • Tionesta Valley Railway Caboose No. 111, p82

  • Florence & Cripple Creek Caboose No. 05, p83

  • West Side Lumber Caboose No. 6, p84

  • Colorado & Southern Caboose No. 1006, p85

  • East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Caboose No. 205, p86

  • East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Caboose No. 503, p87

  • Carson & Colorado Caboose-Combine No. 2, p88

  • Southern Pacific Caboose-Combine No. 401 Original, p90

  • Southern Pacific Caboose-Combine No. 401 Post-1954, p92

  • Rio Grande Caboose Round Up Photos/Text, p94

  • D&RGW Peaked-Roof Long Caboose No. 0585, p95

  • D&RGW Short Caboose No. 0524, p96

  • D&RGW Round-Roof Long Caboose No. 0574, p97

  • Rio Grande RPO No. 51, Work Car 051, p98

  • Rio Grande Baggage Cars Nos. 125-129, p100

  • Carson & Colorado Baggage-Mail Car No. 12, p102

  • Rio Grande RPO-Baggage Cars 53, 61-63, p104

  • Southern Pacific Combine No. 17, p106

  • Boston Revere Beach & Lynn/East Broad Top Coaches, p106

  • Denver, South Park & Pacific Coach Nos. 16, 17 22-25, p110

  • Sumpter Valley Ry. No. 20/C&S No. 58 Coach, p112

  • Rio Grande Open Platform Coach no. 256-321, p114

  • Rio Grande San Juan Vestibule Coach, p116

  • Rio Grande Parlor Cars Alamosa, Chama, Durango, p118

  • Sandy River Parlor Car No. 9, p120

  • D&RGW Excursion Car Silver Vista, p122

  • White Pass & Yukon Private Car Fraser Nos. 200-209, p124

  • White Pass & Yukon Open Platform Coach No. 214/216, p125

  • White Pass & Yukon Baggage Nos. 201-203, p125

  • Colorado & Southern Observation Nos. 200-209, p126

  • Colorado & Southern RPO No. 13, p127

  • Narrow Gauge Rolling Stock Colors, p128