Traction Planbook, edited by Hal Carstens

Traction Planbook, edited by Hal Carstens
Traction Planbook, edited by Hal Carstens
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This Second Edition of the Traction Planbook includes revised and expanded text, plus many new photographs. Drawings are reproduced at either HO or O scale, and depict a variety of equipment from electric lines all across the country.

While many electric railway cars were standardized, even the standardized cars exhibited variations such as extra windows, one ot two poles, third rail shoes, door variations, plus differences in pilots, headlights, window grills, dashers, end windows, and more.

A great variety of equipment is presented, from early horse cars and trams, to later wood bodied streetcars and interurbans, to modern steel bodied cars. Coaches, combines, locomotives, freight motors, line cars, and other configurations are shown as well. Streetcars, trolleys, interurbans, rapid transit, freight and express cars are all shown here.

The Traction Planbook is a great research tool for the historian and the modeler alike. From faded classics to modern rapid transit, you'll find it all in the Traction Planbook. 98 pages, softcover. Edited by Hal Carstens.

Table of Contents

Miscellaneous Early Equipment

Horse Cars
Cable Cars

Single Truck City Cars

Third Avenue Railway Single Truck Master Unit
Cincinnati Traction Deck Roof Car
San Francisco Muni Class J No. 351
United Railoads, Hammond 1893
20' Semi-Convertible
10 Bench Open Car

Double Truck City Cars

Third Avenue Railway Brill Convertible 1-100
28' Semi-Converticle
29' Semi-Convertible
Boston & Northern Street Ry. Semi-Convertible
14 Bench Standard Open Car
Boston Elevated Ry. Type 1
Boston Elevated Ry. Type 4
Boston Elevated Ry. Type 5
Birney Safety Car, Wason
Master Unit, Brill, 7 Window
Master Unit, 8 Window
Master Unit, Osgood-Bradley
Sacramento City Lines, Nos. 56-67
Third Avenue Railway Lightweight No. 1250
Santa Barbara & Suburban Center Door
Reading Street Railway 800 Series
San Antonio Public Service, Third Avenue Railway Series 510
San Diego Electric Railway Nos. 400-299
Cincinnati Street Railway 2500 Series

PCC Cars

Standard PCC 1936-1942
Johnstown Traction Co. with Standee Windows
Red Arrow Double-Ended Interurban Type

Wooden Interurbans

Holland Sleeping and Parlour Car, 1903
Mexico City Tramways
Lake Shore Electric Nos. 150-159, Niles
Montreal & Southern Counties, combine
North Jersey Rapid Transit, Jewett

Lightweight Interurbans

Shaker Heights Rapid Transit, Center Door
Niagara, St. Catherines & Toronto, Series 620
Dayton & Troy, Lehigh Valley Transit, Shaker Heights - Curved Side
Indiana Railroad 50-84 Series
Pacific Electric 600 Series

Heavy Steel Interurbans

Interstate Public Service 150-157 Combine
Interstate Public Service 166-168 Sleeper
Interstate Public Service 158-163 Diners/Parlor Cars
North Shore Line 741 Series
South Shore Line 77' Modernized Coach

Rapid Transit Equipment

Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn Coach
Manhattan Elevated Railway Open Platform Car
Interboro Rapid Transit 5100 Series Car
North Shore Line Electroliner
Chicago Transit Authority 2000 Series Car


Terre Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern Steeplecab
Union Pacific 50-ton Baldwin Steeplecab
New Haven Class EY-2 Steeplecab
North Shore Line Nos. 455-456 GE Steeplecab
Kansas City, Kaw Valley & Western Steeplecab
Hoboken Shore Railroad Baldwin-Westinghouse Steeplecab
Shore Shore Line 701-710 Freight Motors (ex-New York Central)

Trolley Box Motors

Potomac Edison No. 5, Wood Body
Cincinnati & Lake Erie Nos. 635-649
Lake Shore Electric Nos. 38-40
Cincinnati Traction Single-Truck Box Motor

Non-Revenue Equipment

Pittsburgh Railways Pay Car M-1
Lake Shore Electric Motor Flat
Brill Single-Truck 2,480 Gallon Sprinkler
Public Service of New Jersey 2,600 Gallon Sprinkler
Los Angeles Railway Rail Grinder 9310
Connecticut Company Shar Plow Nos. 0129-0130
Public Service of New Jersey Wedge Plow 5244
McGuire Cummings Snow Sweeper
Public Service of New Jersey Single Truck Sweeper

Interurban Trailer Cars

Cincinnati & Lake Erie Box Trailer
Cincinnati & Lake Erie CERA Box Trailer
Cincinnati & Lake Erie Flat Car